2017 Fall Speaker Preview

Check out our incredible speakers for Fall 2017! 

Marcie finney ditto

Have you ever been given a vision, that you know was The Lord’s calling for your life, but no idea how to cultivate it, and in your heart you knew it was so much bigger than you? This happened to Marcie; God’s love and faithfulness delivered Marcie her true calling in life. 

Marcie is passionate about encouraging and inspiring women to access the faith within them. Marcie is the founder of Mustard Seed Jewelry, and has a unique story of God's provision and redirection in her life.

Join us to hear Marcie's story! 

women's business panel

We know how much you love hearing from a panel of incredible business women! Moderated by the lovely Suzanne Taylor, this panel will have you feeling inspired in the work that you do. 

From nutritionist to life-style blogger, there will be something for everyone. These women are smart, funny, compassionate, and so stylish! 

Join us in September for our dynamite panel!

Suzanne Taylor(1).png

suzanne taylor

Suzanne Taylor is serving as the City Director for Polished Fort Worth. She works as an associate attorney practicing Estate Planning, Probate & Trust law.

Through her work, she saw a theme in conversations about how the role of women is continuing to evolve and become more complex. Suzanne recognized the crucial importance of clinging to scripture, wise counsel, and the need for accountability as she and others pursue being Godly women during this transitional life stage in their careers and families.

Suzanne is as sweet as they come. Don't miss hearing from one of our own!

Speaker Preview.png

ashley freer

Ashley didn't start out as a Texan, but 10 years here have taught her to appreciate the big and the small differentiators of this great state - breakfast tacos and gorgeous sunsets included. Ashley is the group director and PR specialist at Fort Worth-based Balcom Agency, where she drives strategy and client projects for national, regional and local clients. 

While her job is one of her favorite things in life, she's eager to talk about other passions, including theology, history, travel and community engagement. 

Ashley's got a unique story to tell. You won't want to miss it!

christal west atkinson

Christal is the real deal! Did you know she worked at the White House? That's right! Christal attended Salem College – the oldest women’s college in the nation -- before beginning an over 10 year career in Washington, DC working on Capitol Hill, at the White House in the Office of Legislative Affairs and the Office of the Chief of Staff, and concluding her service at the Treasury Department as Director of Scheduling and Executive Assistant to Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. 

Christal story is inspiring and unique. You won't want to miss it!