Polished Fort Worth Luncheon

september 14, 2017, 12:00-1:00 p.m.

5th & carroll events
2713 W 5th St
fort worth, TX 76107

Kat Armstrong Polished Ft. Worth

Katey McFarlan

Katey is a lifestyle blogger out of Fort Worth, Texas. She came from a background in Public Relations focusing on the beauty and fashion industry. After wanting to make key messaging a little more personal for consumers, she decided to start her own blog. What began as a part-time hobby turned into her career. Now Katey aids brands in market research and product testing along with writing Chronicles of Frivolity. Katey’s most important role is being a mom to her daughter, Maxi, and wife to her husband, Paul.

Kara Stout

Kara is the founder of Nutrition By Kara, a wellness brand dedicated to empowering and supporting women to eat healthy, simply and beautifully with a focus on balance and intentional living. She blends her Masters in Counseling with her expertise as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist to inspire women to lead a healthy life well-lived with more joy, energy and freedom. Her coaching focuses on less hustle, more health. Kara is also a Food Photographer for lifestyle bloggers, health-focused brands and local restaurants. 

Samantha Stewart

Sam is the creative director and voice behind the personal style blog, Style of Sam. She is a pharmacist who has a passion for fashion and started blogging to find the happy life prescription during the longer than expected journey to start a family.

Sam expresses her creativity, inner fashionista, and love for all things fun and fabulous on this creative space. Her style preferences range from vintage and bohemian chic to haute couture. She is a self-proclaimed style gypsy, foodie, and work in progress. Sam believes in faith, love, art, happiness, dance, laugh, glitter, and mascara. She loves animals and surrounds herself with positive people.