Why Do I Need Jesus?

God created the world as a good, beautiful, and perfect place. Originally, there was no sin, evil, or death on Earth (Genesis 1:31). Humans enjoyed a close relationship with God and were able to walk and talk with God face-to-face. However, when our first parents sinned, sin and death entered the world.

As a result, the earth is no longer the place God created it to be. Loved ones die, disease wracks our bodies, and injustice prevails. The earth and all that is on it has now been corrupted and remains in a state of brokenness. All of this is because of sin.

Sin has distorted human nature such that instead of choosing God and His ways, my natural inclination is to do what benefits me. Therefore, all human beings are sinners, including you and me (Romans 3:23). No matter how good I am, no matter how much money I donate to charity or how many hours I volunteer at my local soup kitchen, neither you nor I are good enough to restore ourselves to a right relationship with God. God is righteous, and He demands perfection. But since we are imperfect, who can save us? Who can restore this relationship? There is only one - Jesus Christ. He alone is the perfect Savior (Acts 4:12).