Episode #57 - Alana Latiolais

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In this week’s episode, you'll get to listen to an exclusive interview between our Executive Director, Kat Armstrong, and Alana Latiolais.

On paper, Alana Latiolais began as a licensed Cosmetologist, adding a Merchandising degree to the mix. As life unfolded, blossoming into marriage and a family, Alana continued to cultivate color into every part of her life, never blending into a crowd, believing wholeheartedly the richness of tones can change a mood, spark joy, and evoke connection.

Alana’s journey as an Artist, she started with a DIY project on her driveway and has grown her art through commissioned resin paintings and creating her own “Art as Fashion” clothes line in her studio - AlanaKayART! Alana’s passion is to see a story and communicate it with vibrancy, creating from the tension a delicate balance of grit and grace.


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