Episode #40- Ashley Freer

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In episode 40, you'll get to listen to an exclusive interview with Ashley Freer from the 2017 Ft. Worth November Luncheon.

Ashley Freer didn't start out as a Texan, but 10 years here have taught her to appreciate the big and the small differentiators of this great state, breakfast tacos and gorgeous sunsets included. As group director and PR specialist at Fort Worth-based Balcom Agency, Ashley drives strategy and client projects for national, regional and local clients with 18 years of experience behind her. And while her job is one of her favorite things in life, she's eager to talk about other passions, including theology, history, travel and community engagement. After deciding to follow a call to study the biblical languages and Scripture, Ashley spent three years earning a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from Southwestern Seminary, graduating in 2009. She has been a part-time staff member for Christ Chapel Bible Church as part of Common Ground, its downtown outreach to working women, since her last semester in graduate school and is proud to call Fort Worth home. 

Ashley is smart, insightful, and will be sure to inspire and encourage you! Don't miss our November luncheon.


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