Episode #24 - Morgan Eseke

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In episode 24, you'll get to listen to our conversation with Morgan Eseke from our 2017 June Ft. Worth Luncheon. 

Morgan is passionate about helping women of all ages experience a deep, meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ and to fall in love with God’s Word. She writes regularly about faith, relationships and career at morganeseke.com. In 2009, Morgan founded CoffeeTalk in Norman, Oklahoma, a multigenerational mentorship ministry focused on providing biblical wisdom and leadership development for women of all ages— from middle schoolers to moms. She and her husband, David, live in Dallas, TX and are active members of Watermark Community Church. They mentor pre-married couples through “Merge” and Morgan cares for grieving teens through a ministry called Shift. They’re also expecting their first baby!

When she’s not writing, shopping, or at a cycling class, Morgan works as a marketing professional and organizational health consultant at Credera, a management-consulting firm. Her current passion project is working alongside pro-life leaders to help launch The Life Center, a world-class museum and center of influence on life issues, opening in 2023. Morgan has a degree in Communications from The University of Oklahoma and is currently pursuing a Masters in Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary.


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