Episode #31- Erica Molett

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In episode 31, you'll get to listen to an exclusive interview with Sarah Conner and Erica Molett from our 2017 North Dallas September Luncheon.

For the past decade, God has been weaving all the skills and talents of Erica to create one basket full of awesomeness that Erica gets to call her life. Erica has grown her career through the avenues of the public and private sector by blending all her talents - working for the City of Dallas and Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation, before finding her true calling: building bridges of collaboration between non-profits, corporations, educators, community leaders, and government entities.

This perfect mix of experience + gifts then led Erica to step out on faith and begin her own consulting firm, Expansion Solutions Consulting Services. She is now living out her personal prayer, which is: "Lord, please use me as a tool to build your kingdom, leading me to the people, communities, and businesses that I can serve in your name." Erica's winding road to professional "success" is evidence that God can use you in the most unexpected and amazing ways, when you just say "yes" to every assignment he presents. 

But don’t think she stopped there! Erica also owns another company, Conscious Couture Luxury Resale Events. Birthed out of the Molett family's own tumultuous journey through the recession mixed with a televised financial bootcamp, a small yard sale idea, and a few angels on earth, Conscious Couture combines fashion and philanthropy to support the fight against human trafficking, showcase emerging designers, and create global girl power. These events are unlike any other - attendees shop from celebrities’ personal closets, local style influencers, sample sales from designer runway collections, and other rare finds. Most importantly, they leave inspired.



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