Episode #47- Kat Armstrong

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In episode 47, you'll get to listen to an exclusive interview with our Executive Director and Co-Founder, Kat Armstrong, from our Dallas 2018 March Luncheon. 

Kat Armstrong was born in Houston, TX, where the humidity ruins her curls. She is a powerful voice in our generation as an innovative ministry leader and sought-after communicator.  Encouraging women to love God and others with their all, Kat teaches the Bible with humor and heart. She engages disconnected women exploring God with the relevance of the scriptures, commissions rooted Christians to flourish in their God-inspired assignment, and refocuses the Church to outreach.

As the co-founder and Executive Director of Polished Ministries, she is invested in the lives of women eager to learn about how the scriptures are relevant to their everyday lives.  

Kat graduated with her undergraduate degree in business from Texas A&M before obtaining a masters in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2011. 

Kat and her husband Aaron have been married for sixteen years, live in Dallas, TX, with their son Caleb and attend Dallas Bible Church where Aaron serves as the lead pastor. 


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