Episode #45- Lincee Ray

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In episode 45, you'll get to listen to an exclusive interview with Lincee Ray from the 2018 Houston February Luncheon.

Lincee began blogging accidentally when she wrote a recap for the beloved show everyone loves to hate — The Bachelor. What began as a place for closeted fans to commune and discuss the wonder that is Our Host Chris Harrison slowly morphed into a place where Lincee shared stories about everyday life.

One day, her Bachelor recap landed on the desk of an editor at Entertainment Weekly. That sweet woman quickly deduced that Lincee was a pop culture weirdo who probably watches all of the teenybopper shows on The CW. She was right. When she's not watching TV for a living, you can probably find her speaking to various groups of women, including business and church groups. If all else fails, look for her in a darkened movie theater or at a live music venue.

Lincee taught herself to say the ABCs backwards as a child. It kills at parties. She really does hate green beans and is a little too enthusiastic about Netflix, mix tapes and holiday-themed Oreos. She also believes that it’s important to tell your story—even the ones that make you seem a little crazy.


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