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Marshawn Evans Daniels

Author of

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Why did you write this book? 
Believe Bigger was inspired by a “split rock moment” that turned my world upside down when I found out six days before my dream wedding that my fiancé was cheating on me. After hitting rock bottom spiritually, emotionally and financially, I discovered that disruption is actually the invitation to a sweeter life of purpose, joy and abundance if we dare to believe bigger.

What does the title of the book—BELIEVE BIGGER—mean? 
To believe bigger is to believe beyond what you see and what you “think” you know. Obstacles, betrayal and life-altering let downs pave the very pathway to purpose. Rejection is often redirection. Inside of every broken dream is a bigger lesson and higher version of you waiting to emerge.

After experiencing a setback, what’s the first step to overcoming and moving on?
• First, it’s key to EMBRACE DISRUPTION. Whether it’s a lost job, broken heart, or even a health scare, shift from asking why did this happen TO me, to asking how is this happening FOR me.
• Second, GET A BIGGER VISION. You’re created for the very purpose of fulfilling your purpose. So every life event is actually part of a larger mission that only you can fulfill. You need a vision, dream and motivation that is bigger than your mess.
• Third, UPGRADE YOUR THINKING. It time to break up with self-sabotaging behaviors, relationships, clutter and stinking thinking. You’ve gotta identify your inner little me, dump “The Rules” and align with what I call Future ME.
• Fourth - FIND YOUR GIFTS. Unlock your passion. Embrace your voice. Share your story. Do an Inner Vault inventory of Y-O-U so that you can awaken and step into your true superpowers.
• Finally, START BEFORE YOU’RE READY. There is a never a perfect time to forgive, to reinvent, to date again, to launch a new business, or to create the life you crave. Now is the only moment your future needs.

What are some ways we can find our true purpose and passion in life?
• Purpose Clue #1 - Dreams - recurring ideas, hopes and dreams that just won’t go away.
• Purpose Clue #2 - Thorns - recurring challenges, frustrations, obstacles and disappointments.
• Purpose Clue #3 - Passion - moments of joy, fulfillment, strength and enthusiasm. In BELIEVE BIGGER, you say that we all have a universal superpower. What is that? The key to entering your purpose is embracing your gifts. The most powerful gift we each have is our VOICE. That’s our universal superpower. We all have a story. Every story matters. The reason we face trials is so that we can use our life experiences to help someone else. Your story can change someone else’s.

What’s the difference between talents and gifts? 
Talent is about the muscle. Gifts are about the message. Our talents (the things we’ve learned to do) often hide our gifts (the things we’re called to do). Our life purpose is tied more to our gifts than our talents.