Join Our Network

 We gather young professional women to navigate career and explore faith, and we do it together through our online Polished network. The Polished network gives you access to our local events with an annual fee of $100 or $55 bi annually. You can always attend our Polished events even if you are not in our network, but joining the network means getting a discount on all of our events and includes all the perks listed below...

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polished network benefits:

online tribe

  • Access to our online member directory. Most of life is not about what you know but who you know. Connect with other young professional women to expand your network.

event invitations

  • Discounts to any of our Polished events nationwide - fees not excluded for any meal provided.
  • Discounts on special member events periodically throughout the year - events vary based on location.

digital inspiration

  • Monthly email devotionals 
  • Digital download of our Polished Podcast discussion guide.