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Discover the joy and freedom of being all-in for Jesus.

In a day when our church culture has limited the terms of Jesus’ command to the perceived strengths of each gender, a woman trying to love the Lord beyond her heart and soul, with her strength and mind, can be thought of as crossing some line or unspoken boundary. But that is not what Scripture says.

Kat Armstrong offers her thoughts on this important subject in an effort to help women find their answers to the question, “What am I doing here?” Perhaps more clearly, “Why am I allowing limitations on my pursuit of Jesus’ calling?”—not just as single, career-driven women or as wives and moms but as Christ followers focused on living their lives to love and serve God as their first and highest calling.

Join us on Thursday, August 22nd from 7:00-8:30pm in Austin, TX to hear from Kat. All proceeds benefit Polished. Event Includes: A copy of No More Holding Back + sips and bites + book signing + an amazing girls night out.

No More Holding Back by Kat Armstrong

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This event is just for the grownups.

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There will be light snacks and party drinks available. Plan to grab dinner before/after.

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