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We are going to make Polished history this summer as we gather our Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, North Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Southern Dallas leaders in one place, for our first of many regional workshops. Imagine over 100 Polished volunteers worshiping, learning and growing together. My heart is full just thinking about it.

Our goal with the regional workshop 2019 is that every Polished leader would be unmoved by the chaos of life. We know that you face seemingly insurmountable challenges at work, in ministry and in your personal lives. We’re right there with you.

That’s why we have invited our friend of the ministry, Jurrita Williams, to join us in Waco, Tx and I’ve tasked Feleceia Benton to plan this workshop. Our Directors can testify that Jurrita is a dynamic speaker, able to gently equip us in cultural intelligence, and Feleceia has taken our trainings next level. Ask a director, really.

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I know time with our sisters is just what we need as a region of chapters. We need some sacred space to dream and envision the next phase of Polished expansion, while at the same time, ironing out those pesky roadblocks in our chapters. We need some time to contextualize our evangelism efforts and figure out what to do with our differences. And we need to be prayed over and commissioned back to our spheres of influence, refreshed by a move of the Spirit.

I’m personally inviting you to make every effort to attend our regional workshop, as it replaces the local bi-annual training you were planning for. Plus, Magnolia is minutes away and you could spend the afternoon enjoying Joanna Gaines brilliance. We will have some snacks and coffee for you throughout our time together and then for lunch, you could brown bag or we will send out a notification a week ahead of the workshop to gather a $10 lunch order.

Check out our agenda below and be sure to fill out the form at the bottom to let us know you are planning on attending.

Kat Armstrong, Executive Director (, 214-455-8570)

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