Letter from the Executive Director...

Polished Enthusiast,

I know exactly how you feel right now. Just a few short years ago, Stephanie and I had a stirring in our hearts to do something different -- reach young professional women with the gospel and use our God-given gifts in ministry doing the things we love. Eight years later I can hardly believe that so many women have heard about Jesus through our events, received a free Bible, or visited a local church with one of our volunteers. These are the kind of things that dreams are made of. By God's grace, Polished is growing!

We are thrilled God has your attention. If you are called to serve with us, it's going to be an incredible adventure and a worthwhile investment of your time!

We need an army of professional women to help us fulfill our mission: Polished exists to share the gospel with a generation of young professional women, and equip a generation of young professional women to share the gospel.

We do this by hosting monthly one-hour luncheons themed on personal and professional development topics to reach young professional women in their 20s and 30s:

  • Who do not know Christ as Savior and/or

  • Who are disconnected from a local church and feel far away from God.

Notice, we are not a Bible study. Polished is not a Christian networking group. Polished is an OUTREACH ministry to young professional women. Everything we do is filtered through these questions: Will this engage young professional women who don't know Christ and/or feel far away from God? Will this equip professional women to better share their faith?

Our mission creates this incredible culture of no expectations with no assumptions on our guests. We are there to meet women wherever they may be on their spiritual journey, and we do that over lunch discussing professional and personal development. We are an eclectic group, and we want to keep it that way. More on why we do what we do here.

I'll be honest. I was in seminary for eight years, I'm married to a pastor, and I love to read my Bible. It's been very challenging to re-think my language on matters of faith now that my goal is to reach women who don't know Christ and/or may feel far away from God. You're probably an "insider", and our goals with Polished are all about reaching the "outsider".

You probably have a personal, thriving relationship with Jesus, and that's exactly the kind of leader we are looking for. If you have experienced one of our fabulous luncheons and thought, "This was an awesome event!", that's because our leaders are our "secret sauce". 

We love checklists and job descriptions. Love them. So, take a moment and pray right now before you start reading. Below you will find descriptions of the volunteer positions we are looking to fill.


Kat Armstrong

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Volunteer Qualifications...

  • Personal thriving relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Passion for pre-conversion discipleship, evangelism and loving the lost and disconnected young professional woman

  • Experience building successful relationships with professional women who do not know Christ as Savior and women who feel far away from God

  • Extraordinary people skills, get-it mentality, and ability to relate to professional, career-focused women

  • Enjoys keeping up with culture and the pulse of the business world

  • Known for positive attitude, mission-driven, self-directed, likability, approachability, relevance, compassion

  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people

  • Willingness to use Slack (app) for all Polished communications

  • Willingness to help the chapter with fundraising efforts supported by the headquarters

Conflict Resolution

You’re going to be volunteering with all women. Women don’t always have a great reputation when it comes to playing nice. But Polished is rare in that we have worked really hard to develop and now protect a safe, kind, and generous working environment. On Wednesdays we do not wear pink ("Mean Girls" reference). Instead, everyday we extend love and grace to ourselves and others. Inevitably, because you will be serving along side non-robots, someone is going to hurt your feelings unintentionally. How we handle that determines how we heal.

If someone hurts your feelings we ask that you:

  1. Sleep on it for at least 1 night and no longer than 1 month

  2. Address that person directly in person or via the phone. Text and email is much easier, we know, but this is too important.

  3. If it’s not something that gets resolved, we ask that you contact your Location Director or Executive Director

Above Reproach

We are not going to ask you to make any declarations. We will however remind you that if you are serving as a leader at Polished no matter where you go you bring the Polished brand with you. Your behavior shapes the perception of Polished and on the God of Polished. Leadership is an extra responsibility. Please take it seriously.

If you find yourself in a season where your conscious does not align with your level of leadership, we ask that you take a leave of absence. Hey, we are humans too. We get it. Really. In a big way. We are not going to judge you. And the door is always open to come back to leadership.

The Board of Directors does reserve the right to appoint volunteers and ask someone to take a leave of absence.

Time Commitment

  • Attend our luncheons arriving early to each luncheon with a maximum of 2 absences during your one-year term.

  • Attend our monthly leadership team meetings with a maximum of 2 absences during your one-year term.

  • Attend our annual leadership team retreat in January

  • Attend our annual mid-year leadership training

Volunteer Positions...

Connections Co-Chair

We are looking for super friendly, smiley, approachable and detail-oriented leaders, as you are the first person our guests see at our luncheons. Your job is to oversee check-in at our events which involves pre and post event preparation using spreadsheets and our CRM, printing name tags, and making sure all of our guests check in. The connections chair needs to arrive 30 minutes before our luncheons to set up. Likes: When the names on the name tags are perfectly centered and introducing yourself to new people. We need 2 connections co-chairs per chapter.

Co-Event Coordinators

We are looking for friendly, diplomatic, detail-oriented leaders, as you will ensure that our luncheon runs smoothly. You must enjoy executing big events, deadlines, careful attention to detail, and feel comfortable using our web technology, CRM, and interacting with our venue contacts. The event coordinator needs to arrive 30 minutes before our luncheons to set up. Likes: When the food is served exactly 5 minutes after the luncheon start time. We need 2 co-event coordinators per chapter.

TAble leader Coordinator

We are looking for leaders that love investing, training, and encouraging the women who lead discussion at our tables. You must enjoy evangelism, teaching, coaching, encouraging, and equipping our table leaders. In addition to coordinating which leaders will lead each table at the luncheons, your main focus will be overseeing the follow-up done by our table leaders. The Polished Liaison Coordinator will need time to invest in our leaders outside of the luncheon one-on-one and will be a part of the recruiting and training process for new Polished Liaisons. Likes: Listening to our Polished liaisons and finding helpful training articles. We need a total of 3 per chapter.

Social Media - Instagram & facebook

We are looking for a women willing to use Instagram at our events and follow our social media posting schedule/outline during the week. This role would require taking IG story pics 5-10 times during each monthly luncheon and any other major events we host. We’re also looking for someone to create and post the luncheon event details on your respective FaceBook page. Likes: relentless about brand management theme on IG accounts, loves posting and sharing stories on IG, Insta stalking and finding yourself 10 clicks away from your original click. We need a total of 1-3 per chapter.

Communications Chair

We are looking for leaders with a sense of humor, an interest in culture, excellent writing skills, experience editing and proof-reading, and careful attention to detail, with a foundational understanding of brand management. Your role would include updating the weekly email campaign sent to your chapter attendees and working closely with the Chapter Director for final approval on communications. Likes: Correcting grammar, finding typos, and saying something entertaining with as few characters as possible. We need 1 per chapter.

table leader

Pretend our Polished luncheons happen at your house and your table at Polished is your dining room table. You welcome our guests, invite them to sit with you, introduce yourself, and help them get to know the other women at their table. You steer and create safety in conversations. Likes: Sharing the gospel and creating catalytic relationships with women. We need a total of 8-10 per chapter.


This important position is a great place to start serving with us. First impressions happen within seconds and are super powerful. We are looking for leaders that are extremely smiley, authentic, and welcoming. Likes: Making everyone they encounter feel important. We need 1-2 per chapter.

Volunteer Application...

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https://www.ccel.org/creeds/nicene.creed.html . Our leadership team is diverse and we like it that way so the only hill we are willing to die on is the Nicene Creed.
We unashamedly are going to check on your social platforms as we are super social
No one feels adequately equipped to do this and we provide additional training on evangelism as it's part of our mission to help equip women to share their faith.