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We're so glad you want to Partner with Polished by starting a chapter in your area! Getting started is simple. Here’s a message from us about Polished.


What is Polished?

Polished is a network that gathers young professional women to navigate career and explore faith together. We are a safe community of young professional women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who ask the hard questions about life and faith and work to find the answers together.

why is polished important?

Because the only religious behavior that has increased for women over the last 20 years is becoming unchurched. Plus, women have surpassed the number of men obtaining advanced educational degrees, they are marrying later in life, and staying in the workforce longer. Young professional women are sharper and more forward-thinking than ever before. Yet, this generation of the female workforces is face unique challenges. We launched Polished to give women a place to find a community of women just like them. And while we’re there, we talk about how faith isn’t just for a dusty corner of an old bookshelf; it’s relevant to situations we face every day in real life.

Who Can Start a Polished Chapter?

Local Polished chapters are started by professional women who are compassionate Christ-followers eager to share their faith with their peers, build a community of support working women and have the support of a local church in their area.

Where do Polished Chapters meet?

Polished aims to create a safe place for young professional women from all backgrounds to connect. Many Polished chapters meet for week-day lunches at local restaurants or event spaces. Others host weekend brunches or evening happy hours on a patio or at a trendy co-working space. Because Polished is an outreach organization, we like to host events at places young professional women are already comfortable, which is usually outside the church walls. Be creative!

Who attends Polished events?

Polished attendees are typically professional women between the ages of 22-45. They are corporate trailblazers, dynamic entrepreneurs, passionate educators and difference-makers in the non-profit sector. At Polished, we welcome women of all faith backgrounds and intentionally design our events to best meet the needs of women exploring Christianity for the first time or the first time in a long time while maintaining space for strong Christian leaders to build community with everyone in attendance. 

When should we start?

Polished chapters usually meet once a month with a break for summer and Christmas holidays. Polished chapters either launch at the beginning of the Spring semester in February or the Fall semester in September. We will help you figure out the best time for your group to launch!

How is a Polished Chapter funded?

Polished chapters can be sponsored by a church, individual(s), or a corporation; however every chapter must have a church partner willing to provide leadership support to local Polished Directors and the ability to welcome new professional women into their church body. After the start-up sponsorship costs ($2500 in year one), it’s $500 every year to support a chapter! Throughout the year, tickets are sold to cover the basic cost of events. We’ve got a great download you could give to your church to start the conversation.

What kind of support does Polished provide?

We are going to help you recruit volunteers, launch the chapter, host your webpage, manage the registrations for your events, supply you with social media and communications support and train all of your leaders on the most effective way to serve in your context. This includes, but is not limited to, regular and on-going coaching from the HQ staff, a whole website devoted to online training, video training courses specific to each role on a Polished chapter team, and a 100 page manual that answers any question you could think of concerning your chapters needs.

I’m in! What do I do next?

The fact that you are reading this is no accident. Maybe you are looking to build a community of peers to walking alongside you as you navigate work and faith. Maybe you are a more seasoned professional looking to give back to the next generation. Maybe you are a church leader looking to find ways to connect with the young professional women in your community. Whatever the reason, we are so honored to walk alongside you and welcome you to this amazing journey!



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