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We're so glad you want to Partner with Polished by starting a chapter in your city! Getting started is simple. But first, check out why churches are partnering with Polished.

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Why Partner With Us?

For 10 years,

Polished has been sharing the gospel with a generation of young professional women, and equipping a generation of young professional women to share the gospel.

We've made over 30,000 Gospel Impressions through our local events and our Podcast


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With almost 200 luncheons under our belt and over 13,000 podcast downloads, we're engaging nearly 200 volunteers spread out over five cities and have make near 23,000 gospel impressions! And we've got almost 50 cities on a waiting list eager to see Polished launch in their city.


Young professional women and the gospel

According to Christianity Today, the only religious behavior that increased among women in the last 20 years was becoming unchurched. Women are the newest U.S. mission field! 

the good news

  • 68% of the U.S. labor workforce is Gen X and Millennials, which is the Polished target market. -Pew Research

  • Born-again Millennials share their faith more than any other generation today. -Barna Group


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2020 vision

Our goal is to launch 20 Polished chapters by the year 2020. 

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